Attention is in short supply, it's a valuable political commodity, business resource and more. It matters more than ever in our modern technology-driven…

February 2023

In less than 6 months the discussion about royalties will be over. What happens to the space after that fact is important to talk about.

November 2022

With a mix of great marketing and a seamless onboarding experience. The current technology built on top of Crypto is enough to onboard the next 100M…

October 2022

How to launch and distribute NFTs in your project to ensure you are content with the community you build. Alongside providing utility and raising funds.

September 2022

I used a public tool to create a full article around NFTs. With the recent rise of DALLE and Stable Diffusion, we've seen AI do amazing things in the…

June 2022

ETH is down 75% from its all-time high of $4,878. BTC is down 65% from $69,044. It’s been 7 months of downside. The top NFT collections no longer have a…

April 2022

Many intelligent individuals in the Crypto Space, whether it be Vitalik or Cobie, aren’t a fan of 99%-100% of NFTs that exist today. If you look at it…

February 2022

An article talking about blockchain games and the current sector of the market in general. My personal thoughts.

January 2022

In this article I'll be going through some of the points Dan Olson mentions in the recent viral video about NFTs. Most of what he talks about is true…

December 2021

Starting from a late night thought at 3AM 8 months ago, to being in production for the last 4 months, it's finally time to officially announce…

September 2021

Here is an article that I hope can help many people, especially beginners, learn about NFTs and change their lives.

August 2021

DrifterShoots is an amazing photographer who has recently thrived in the NFT space selling out his collection that trade at almost 6 figures now. He has…