When you say that royalties are a social contract, are you speaking strictly in the context of web3? I ask because in traditional commerce, royalties are a legally binding contractual obligation, rather than a social one. In fact, royalties are a byproduct of the transfer of rights of usage. Can web3 replace traditional commerce if it can't offer the sane protections/obligations between creator and user/buyer.

Even if most artists don't clearly understand why an image is valuable, or how to capitalize on value that they manifest, I still think Web3 has great work to do in educating artists as to HOW web3 is a benefit to them in concrete terms. Especially if web3 is positioning itself as an alternative to traditional commerce.

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"It makes 0 sense to rely on royalties to run your business long-term. It is merely an additional revenue source that is nice to have." - is grossly over generalized and the dumbest thing I've read on the internet today. Gj!

Otherwise, great article and summary of recent developments.

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We’ll also see a shift to projects making money as affiliates using platforms like https://sharemint.xyz.

I think we’ll see the same for marketplaces where they generate revenue from mint drops.

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