The Genesis Launch of Treeverse.

Announcing the Genesis Launch of Treeverse & how to acquire the Founder Plots.


If you haven’t read this article yet, it’s a good introduction to the project.

Treeverse is an MMO on the browser. Treeverse strives to be a place to replace social platforms like Discord, Clubhouse and Twitter for NFT chatter while simultaneously gamifying the experience.

The Metaverse being a word that projects use to sell out and create fomo, while a minority of them actually execute. Treeverse is bringing you a functional and working metaverse in this 2d pixel themed browser game.

Features to come:

  • In-game trading marketplace.

  • Pets & NPCs.

  • Guilds.

  • Seasonal events.

  • Minigames.

  • NFT locked regions.

  • Custom public land.

Founders Plot NFTs

The Founders Plot NFTs will be a collection of 10,420 plots that give you access to private customisable homes where you can display your NFTs, invite your friends and show your minted work.

Here is the website — that it’s launching on.

10,000 will go on sale the 1st of August — (8pm BST, 3pm ET, 12pm PT)

Price is 0.125 ETH each.

420 of these are allocated to NFTREES holders and minted to their addresses before launch.

The Discord has all the information and upcoming details, make sure to join it. The website will be going live tomorrow, follow the Twitter for more public news.