Announcing the Treeverse.

A look on what I've been working on for the past few months and what's to come. Proud to *officially* announce the Treeverse. Read the full article for more information.


So, I think it’s finally time to officially talk about what I’ve been building for the past few months and an introduction to what this project is even about.

Let’s rewind back to February, the announcement of my first solo project NFTREES. A collectibles project that sold out with an ambitious roadmap for the future. The initial idea was to create a simple and fun game for holders but that gradually changed as we started to build a fully web-3 integrated browser-based Metaverse.

I’d like to apologise again to those who have been patiently waiting for updates on this project. I never left it, we’ve had a small team working on everything ever since we’ve sold out. We have long-term plans and it takes time to build a project with legs.

We are in a space where time seems to move at light speed. There has been a lot of promises of games and metaverses to come from many other projects but the Metaverse is a meme right now with only a couple of founders actually delivering on their plans. We WILL deliver. We are confident that we have the foundation set up to continuously add new features from this point on.

The Treeverse

Fast-forward to the end of June. We are a couple of weeks away from the public launch but we will be talking everyone through the whole process the more we advance. This was always an ambitious roadmap for us since we began building but we are excited to finally bring something to everyone soon.

The Treeverse is a 2D pixel art Metaverse that links tightly with the theme of our initial drop. We plan to launch with basic functionality and open the world for the public while we continue to implement features inside the metaverse. Customisable private homes will be available for those who own a specific NFT that will be announced on the launch date, and all NFTREE holders can redeem this for free when the time comes. More information will be on the site for specific details on this soon.

The Treeverse is an open-world social game for people interested in NFTs, you can check out other peoples collections, visit their homes where they can organise their favourite pieces, join guilds (communities) in the future if they own a specific NFT. A governance system for NFTREE holders to choose a ladder of importance for upcoming features.

Be sure to follow the Twitter account for the latest news.

In addition to this, I’d like to announce another massive project that I am working on that will be partnered with Treeverse.

This is a unique project featuring Apes and NFTs from some of your favourite artists along with DeFi mechanisms to gamify the experience. Stay tuned.