NFTREES | February 1st.

These are the official details and times for the launch of NFTREEs on February 1st, 5PM ET. Read the information below if you are interested.

*NFTREEs are a digital collectibles project created by Loopify and is launching on February 1st.

”What are NFTs?”
”What is an NFTREE?”

Launch — February 1st.

The full project is releasing tomorrow, February the 1st. It will be launched in 4 waves with 105 NFTREEs per wave. Only a total of 420 will exist. The NFTs will all be numbered based on which transaction goes first and they’ll be available at 5PM ET on They will cost 0.2 ETH each.

You will be able to connect your MetaMask a few hours before launch, stay updated through the twitter or discord, links down below.

Here are the specific timezones :

  • 5PM (Eastern Time)

  • 10PM (Greenwich Mean Time)

  • 2PM (Pacific Time)

  • 4PM (Central Time)

All primary sales will be through the official website —

Secondary market activity will take place on OpenSea and the contract address will be verified at launch to avoid bots. Rarity graphs will be released after all waves have sold or you can track them down in your own time →

We are releasing 3 phases for the full project explained below.

  1. Official NFTrees launch — February 01

  2. NFTrees game — March/April

  3. NFTrees 3D/AR implemented in the game — Q2 2021

Here is the twitter — NFTREEs and the official discord.

Here are some words from the creator, myself :

As you may know, I’ve been collecting in the space for a long time and I spread knowledge about Crypto Art through these articles. We’ve built up an amazing community and I couldn’t ask for anything more. My collection has grown but I also began as an artist before I even knew what Crypto was.

As an artist, this is a project that I’ve been happy to work on for months now finalizing everything. Also the first time that I have worked through the technical details to make a fair and amazing launch. The sales is just a small part of the big vision I have for this project and I’ve created it so I can keep building on it — long-term.

I’m so excited to launch it tomorrow.

Thank you for supporting, this is my first major project & please tweet at me if you got it! <3