NFTrees | Full Overview

This is a full overview of the next NFT collectibles project created by Loopify that you should be aware of -- read below!

What are NFTrees?

NFTrees are an NFT collectibles project releasing on February 1st.

They are unique 60x60 pixel unique trees randomly composed with custom attributes and rarities as ERC 721. This project was created by Loopify and will be available for purchase on the 1st of February 2021. None of them are exactly the same and you own them on the Ethereum blockchain.

They will all be numbered. Coded to all be unique 1/1s with similar attributes and a rarity graph — they will cost 0.2 ETH per tree. Here are some examples below of how they may look!


These are the details of the NFTrees project upcoming —

  • 420 Available for 0.2 ETH, numbered.

  • Custom smart contract with secondary market backed by OpenSea.

  • Primary sales on a custom website.

  • Full rarity graph released after primary sell out.

  • After primary sell out, donations to plant 420 trees for the environment.

When an NFTree is purchased, it will be sent directly from the smart contract to the buyer’s address reducing the carbon footprint to a single transaction. Secondary sales on OpenSea will have a 10% secondary fee — 7.5% going to NFTrees & 2.5% to OpenSea.


What is the future for NFTrees?

NFTrees are going further than a normal NFT collectibles project. Purchasing is just the start of the value you will receive for owning a #NFTree.

We are releasing 3 phases for the full project explained below.

  1. Official NFTrees launch — February 01

  2. NFTrees game — March-April

  3. NFTrees 3D/AR implemented in the game — Q2 2021

    We are prioritising the collectors and will make this a reality after NFTrees are sold out — FEBRUARY 1ST.

    Be sure to follow the twitter @101cryptoart and join the Discord for all details!