Why will multi-millionaires invest into Crypto-Art in the future?

Here we look into the reasons why multi-millionaires will diversify their portfolio by investing into Crypto-Art?

Why will multi-millionaires begin to start investing in Crypto Art as it grows?

As Crypto Art grows and gradually becomes mainstream, crypto multi-millionaires will begin to put a percentage of their portfolio into Crypto Art. These will be people who bought Bitcoin or Ethereum before the first bull run in 2017, investors will diversify their portfolio as they have millions laying around — so why would they choose Crypto Art?
We have seen exponential growth in the past few weeks with Crypto Art showing great statistics, NFTs already speak for themselves. The technology is the blockchain. The physical art market was valued at $67B in 2018, art has been selling for tens of millions across the last decades; now digital art has entered backed by the blockchain. Crypto millionaires will diversify their portfolio with Crypto Art as its the perfect asset for them to hold.

This was the most expensive painting sold in the world as of 2019, weighing in at $469M+ ( acquired by Abu Dhabi's department of culture and tourism )

Roughly, the current market cap of Crypto is over $600B.
As Crypto Art grows, more investors will slowly invest millions into artists which will then result into a loophole of artists spending their money on others.
For collectors, right now, a wide variety of amazing artists are undiscovered and in the future when these collectors come — they will spot these artists… So invest into that artist that you have been looking at before its too late!

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