The Million Dollar Portfolio #1 (etyoung)

Here is the first interview of the Million Dollar portfolio with etyoung.

Etyoung is a big collector in the scene most established on NiftyGateway with a collection of over 100+ Nifties including some of the most popular art pieces in the current Crypto Art industry.
He is known to win countless bidding wars for 1/1s and collects from some of the most known artists this year, he started collecting less then 6 months ago and has spent hundreds of thousands on Crypto Art so far.
I interviewed etyoung today to talk about his journey and the future.

How has your journey in Crypto Art been so far?

  • “It’s been great! Outside of the pure joy from collecting a wonderful piece, I’ve met so many new and interesting people - smart, creative types who share a common passion for art and technology. Being part of a new community has definitely been an unexpected surprise.”

In the next 5 years, how big do you think Crypto Art will become ( popularity wise ) ?

  • “Big. It’s one of the most clear and intuitive use cases for NFTs. Every party, whether the artist, collector, or platform can benefit and share in the economics. That’s a really good recipe for growth. Artists continue to push and explore the boundaries of their work. Platforms continue to improve and abstract away technical challenges; collectors continue to find works with aesthetic and financial value.”

  • “Art is timeless. It will always be appreciated and collected. NFTs give us the means to do so for the digital realm, and right now, crypto art is about the size of a thumbtack relative to the traditional art market.”

What advice would you give to a investor if they got into collecting?

  • “Each artist represents their own business. They are entrepreneurs who market and create their own products, as well as manage their own collector base. For an investor, the better an artist is in each phase of their business, the more value they generate. Each piece has its own value based on its aesthetic quality within a range of value an artist establishes for themselves. Be patient and understand the value proposition each artist brings to the table and think long term about your ROI.”

How much have you spent on Crypto Art since you have started collecting?

  • “Oh, I’ve spent several hundred thousand dollars on my crypto art portfolio. What is it worth now? 1 million dollars LOL.”

What’s your favourite piece that you currently own?

  • My favourite piece must be “Moment i Fell in Love” by Fewocious. I love the entire composition of the collection – the feeling of being broken in “Shattered Glass” to being confused and searching for help in “i don't know how i feel right now” and “Reaching for a Hand to Hold” to finding love and yourself. It has a tremendous amount of emotional content, and artistically, it’s quintessential Fewo.

  • Sold to etyoung for $25,000 on NiftyGateway @ 06/11/2020.

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