NiftyGateway 2020 Overview

This is a full overview on NiftyGateway's launch that started in 2020 and how they changed the lives of many artists in the space of a few months.

This year has finally come to an end & I wanted to do an overview of a platform that has been a massive part of Crypto Art so people can explore it.
NiftyGateway, a platform that many of us know and one I speak about regularly every drop — if you have no idea what an NFT is then check these links.

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What is NiftyGateway?

NiftyGateway was founded in March 2020 by the Cock Foster twins and bought out by Gemini which is owned by the Winklevoss brothers. They team up with high-quality artists and brands to create limited edition collections that release every week with a different variety; sell out in seconds!

NiftyGateway is a centralized marketplace with the main source of payment being fiat rather then Crypto, the artworks you purchase are named ‘Nifties’ which can be withdrawn to external wallets. These are tokenised on the blockchain as NFTs and NG uses Fiat to make it accessible for anyone to own a Nifty.

NiftyGateway has attracted some of the biggest artists this year such as Beeple, SlimeSunday, Refik Anadol & more — the last couple months of this year has been crazy for NG and I have been here every step.

They have introduced new features such as Prepaid ETH which allows the Crypto community to become more involved & new sale methods ( open editions, silent editions ).

More importantly, the statistics speak a lot!

Over $11M+ in Sales

NiftyGateway have done:

  • $11M sales since March!

  • $7M sales in December alone.

  • Beeple’s second drop resulted in over $4M.

These are the main statistics of how NiftyGateway broke records for start-up companies this year and the massive growth in the last few months. In less then 9 months, a start-up business has become a $10M business in a new space that hasn’t been adapted before. The Crypto Art market is valued at $30M+ meaning NiftyGateway has done over 35% alone!

The Beeple and Pak x TrevorJones collections did millions in sales and attracted mainstream news & massive investors to the scene and this is just the start. I believe by the end of next year, NiftyGateway is going to be a $100M business — & you can be apart of it today!

Crypto Art will be the next biggest thing in 2021 and NG is a platform that will be a key figure as we aim towards the sky in the next few years for NFTs & Crypto-Art.