Mainstream Retail looking into Digital Collectibles

Its the time where we are slowly starting to see the mainstream looking into digital collectibles & NFTs as a innovative tech and business plan. Here are some of my personal thoughts.

*I do not give financial advice, all articles are my personal thoughts.

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Its got to the point for all of Crypto Art and NFT OG’s where we are slowly attracting mainstream attention. Is this a good thing and what will this mean in the future for us?

NiftyGateway is my personal choice for the top platform allowing the industry to be exposed to this huge attention & their recent drop coming next week is a perfect example of that, the eSports community is HUGE.

I was in this community before entering Crypto; this will allow many gaming fans to join the community & figure out what NFTs are. I believe this can be done perfectly without the intention of $$$. Tyler Winklevoss released an article about how this will affect both markets here.

What do you believe will occur in this drop upcoming?

As I’ve exclaimed before, the potential for start-ups in the community are HUGE & you should take advantage of this now before the space gets overloaded. Retail entering the scene will always have two effects; one is that it increases exposure to the scene which can always be viewed as a positive impact.

In the next 5 years, how big do you think Crypto Art will become ( popularity wise ) ?

  • “Big. It’s one of the most clear and intuitive use cases for NFTs. Every party, whether the artist, collector, or platform can benefit and share in the economics. That’s a really good recipe for growth. Artists continue to push and explore the boundaries of their work. Platforms continue to improve and abstract away technical challenges; collectors continue to find works with aesthetic and financial value.” — etyoung [ The Million Dollar Portfolio #1 ]

  1. Platforms

  2. Artists

  3. Audience

The top things that matter to have a thriving industry in the Crypto Art scene and the audience is something huge. A couple days ago, NiftyGateway announced a collaboration with Justin Roiland — the official voice and main character in Rick & Morty. What happens when the top people in the gaming industry such as Dream or Ninja enter the scene with huge fanbases behind them?

Blockchain is transparent, we can see everything that happens. This is just the start and you can view it positively or negatively but either way it will benefit you if you are involved in the scene.