Interview with Snowfro ft. ArtBlocks

Today I interviewed Snowfro, creator of Artblocks, read below to see some of the questions that were answered.

Snowfro & Artblocks

1. What is ArtBlocks?

Art Blocks is a platform that produces Generative Art using blockchain technology. Artists deploy a project which consists of an algorithm that generates a work of art. That algorithm uses variables to control features within the artwork, for example, the colour of the background, point locations, etc.

Those variables are stored on an NFT token which is randomly assigned to those variables at the time of minting. So when a collector mints a work of art, they are creating a new fresh set of variables that are stored on a token, and those variables in turn control the features of the output generated by the algorithm.

2. Why did you think this platform is needed?

As I was selfishly claiming a bunch of CryptoPunk Zombies in 2017 I came to the realization that the blockchain provides all of the tools to allow folks to generate outputs without knowing the end result making for more fair distribution.

3. How do you feel generative art will be viewed in the next year alongside NFTs and Crypto Art?

Well, Generative Art has been a prominent type of art in this space since the beginning of CryptoArt. It might just not have been viewed as generative because the concept might not have been immediately apparent to the community. Pre Art Blocks, generative artists would run their algorithm on their computer, extract a handful of iterations they like, and mint them as an NFT on a platform stored on IPFS.

With Art Blocks, it is the same result (for the most part) but the generation and rendering are done at the time of minting by the collector, and the logic for these pieces is stored on-chain so there is no need for the IPFS medium to host the work. This novel approach to not just genArt but also to hosting art on-chain and using blockchain technology to its fullest potential I hope will actually provide a gateway into Generative Art for the general public that has not existed before. As a result, I hope that generative content in general, not just generative art, will get reach a new level of recognition and appreciation that might not have been as streamlined before.

4. What advice would you give to generative artists about ArtBlocks?

Be modest. This is crypto, and of course, there are some big numbers. But really consider the amount of time you put into a script, together with your years of experience and reputation in the space, and use that to help you determine the total value of the work.

If you spend 10 hours on a script and hope to raise 100 ETH, with no prior background in generative art, the curation board will likely not approve the project for an official Art Blocks drop. Just be real, or as real as one can possibly be in the crypto space!

I'm really excited about anything on chain. Lots happening with the OG on-chain folks, Avastars, Pixelchain, a cool upcoming collab called Tiny Boxes that's all generative and on chain. Also excited about other platforms that are also focused on generative art and/or interactive NFTs, notably,, Projects setting a new standards in the space will make waves in 2021.