Interview with Lushsux

This is an interview with a famous; anonymous street artists related to internet meme culture. Lushsux has his first NFT collection drop soon and I spoke to him regarding what's upcoming.

Lushsux was born in Melbourne, Australia. His works have received international coverage with his large murals attracting mass attention. *Lushsux has an upcoming collection on NiftyGateway which drops tomorrow, this is personally one of my favourite drops especially with the effort put into it short-term.

The drop is coming tomorrow, 6th of February, Lushsux will drop 3 1/1 auctions and 7 editions (limited/open). Be there.

1) Memes are a massive thing, especially to send a message, when did you start to paint memes often?

I really got into painting memes in like 2011 but didn't quite understand at the time that I should have gone full tilt into it. I was still just a shit kicker traditional graffiti scumbag.

But around about the time after Banksy asked me to do work for his Dismalabnd show I kind of decided to try and become an actual "artist". Don't know if that really happened but I really got into painting memes after I noticed the potential in it. It's endless content, it can go viral and there is a mass audience for them. But the best part is that they are funny. I predict the next wave of art will be meme based work, it is already happening as I type yhis anyways its just still considered "base" by people who huff their own farts at institutions.

2) How did you discover Crypto Art?

A friend of mine @GTsewell sat me down one day and really made me get it. I'd done some NFT's previous and I did not have any idea even what the hell I was doing. When it clicked after his talk with me I saw a reason to finally get involved in the crypto space.

I'd always messed around with it, sometimes taking payment in crypto but I did not understand the massive potential that cryptoart could have. It's still early days, the competition is scarce, there are hardly any brand names involved and I missed the boat on the first wave of street art but I'd like to be a passenger or a captain of the cryptoart boat if that community will accept me. ONE OF US ONE OF US ONE OF US It's a killer time to be alive I think.

3) What led you to get into the scene?

Pretty much the shit I just explained in the last question. It's the future, I love the internet, I used to rollerblade around when I was younger dressed like ZeroCool from the movie hackers.

That was until a bully bashed me for dressing like that. Now I can relive that kinda feeling but without getting my face smashed in and make a bag as well.

4) This is your first collection drop, what was your intention behind it when creating it?

I'm trying to work out how I can make something that appeals to this new auidence. I can't really gauge if anyone involved in the cryptoart scene even has any idea who I'am.

I feel like a bit of a outsider because I'm a graffiti spray paintering weirdo and everyone else is a digital artist. I hope I can work to find a way to make my garbage something they can dig. Lucky meme culture is ingrained in everything and its heavy in crypto culture at large.

5) Many people have issues with Crypto Art being for the money, your collection is different, whats your opinion on this?

Good art makes good money. Warhol done changed the game back in the day. I think good artists deserve to be driving lambos. People who try punk rock everything and make out it's bad to earn a living are usually talentless or at their core actually wish they could get the bag themselves.

6) NFTs allow digital art to be on the same level as physical art, as someone who takes advantage of both -- do you see a future in it?

Everything is becoming digital, data is the new oil business. Any way you can take something that exists in the meatspace and digitise is most likely a potential good path. An artist must be a man of his time or he will produce work of no value to anyone but his own ego.

“This is part of the future and the future is now.” — Non Phixion