Interview with Damien Hirst — "Currency" NFT collection drop.

Here is an interview Damien Hirst and a brief on his first NFT drop, the "Currency" that was originally created in 2016, let's go through it.


One of the most renowned artists in the world, Damien Hirst is an English artist reported to be the world’s richest living artist — who first dominated the traditional art scene during the 1990s.

Damien Hirst recently announced his first NFT collection drop named “Currency” which includes 10,000 unique pieces all done on paper, signed, dated and titled. The idea for the “Currency” originated in 2016, was never executed until now.

They each cost $2,000 each and are powered by PalmNFT & Heni, to purchase these NFTs, applications were open and ended on the 21st of July 2021 — a total of 32,472 applicants for a total of 67,023 NFTs. Two months after you purchase the NFT, owners can redeem the NFT for a physical piece or choose to keep it as an NFT, all unclaimed physicals will be destroyed by Hirst.

I had an interview with Hirst and asked him a few questions, here are his answers down below:

When did you discover NFTs?

I discovered NFTs about three years ago when I came across CryptoKitties. NFTs seemed they were an answer to the problems I’d come up against when buying virtual goods. I’d had arguments and been playing hell with my kids for spending real money on Habbo Hotel and Clash of Clans. But I was getting nowhere.

How did you choose what your first NFT drop would be?

When I first heard about NFTs, I knew my first drop would be The Currency. I was knee-deep in The Currency at the time of 2016 but it was only a physical art thing and NFTs seemed to fit in naturally with The Currency. I felt that I had to add NFTs to the Currency. And that’s when the magic started happening.

Do you have any future plans for holders of these NFTs?

I think the holders of these NFTs are destined to make their own plans for the future and that's a big part of the experiment for me. I am grateful for everyone who participates in applying, owning, buying, selling, redeeming, not redeeming… just excited for everyone to treat them how they want and to see what happens when I let go.

— wanted to put in a few words from myself, this question was widely asked but I believe art drops like these with no promised utility should stay like that. A roadmap isn’t needed.

What future plans do you have in the NFT space?

I have lots of ideas. I love this space and I want to use it to its full potential to explore art and creative ideas. I haven't worked out exactly what I will be doing, but because The Currency has its feet in both the physical art world and the digital art world, I love the idea of creating some artworks that only exist in the digital world.

Your drop is controversial due to pricing, have you got any words on that?

I wasn't aware of any controversy nor is it something I feel appropriate for me to comment on. The collectors and the market will always dictate the right price. It is always a problem when you try to put a price on art, it’s like trying to put a price on love.

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