How I turned a $0 investment into a $150K portfolio in 6 months.

This is a full overview of my journey into Crypto Art and the loophole of Crypto into a $150K valued portfolio in less then a year, read this post.

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The First Step

Aug-18-2020 03:11:22 PM +UTC — my first ever transaction in my first ever Crypto wallet.

This is where this journey started and you wouldn’t be reading this if I didn’t end up here, I want to take time to explain this journey with you so I hope you can take 5 minutes of your time to inspect some of the things I’ll mention in this post.

A personal story.
To push why I believe Crypto Art & NFTs will be one of the biggest things to happen in the crypto & physical art space.

I found out about Crypto Art about 6 months ago & Crypto in general, of course — I’ve heard about Bitcoin before but I had no idea what it was nor did I look into it, so this was all completely new to me. I was a designer in the art world for about 4 years till I saw it on my twitter timeline once and decided to look into it more, this was when it was still small.

SuperRare led me into this as that was the platform that started popping up everywhere & I applied the same day that I found out about it. I was a newbie to all of it at this time and then I discovered Rarible; OpenSea, leading me to a new world that I could explore which would gradually change my future career choice.

As we now, Ethereum gas does NOT treat us well and I had no idea what it was at this time because I reached out to some people for some extra funds for gas — & someone helped me out! The community was very kind to me the day I “joined” and I began to explore into the discord and the marketplace, specifically Rarible as I got denied from SuperRare.

ThePerfesser was the person who lent me some extra funds and this was my first ever NFT minted, he gave me enough money for me to pay for my first gas transaction and this was — “Exuberant and Trapped”. He also bought it for 0.1 ETH back then which led me to finally have enough funds to mint more pieces and explore the world slowly…

Talos is someone who taught me all about the different platforms and what an NFT is in general, I appreciate him a lot. A lot of kind people in the community when you join, he also bought some of my other pieces later as I began to share my artworks on twitter and the Rarible discord leading me to many more sales racking up my ETH.

When I started in Crypto Art, no matter if it was an NFT — I wouldn’t have spent over $25 on Art… since then — I’ve spent over $150K in ETH (*data from DappRadar). This is because I slowly started to understand to *flip art & love the art, not just the token. Rarible led me to find Blue Kirby who was someone famous on CT as an influencer who dropped NFTs on Rarible selling out in seconds, I began to look at the statistics and the secondary market; they started selling for x5-x10!

All together, I bought over 50 ETH worth and sold more than 60-75ETH worth. This is because it was my first time finding about how the market affects the prices alongside buying a scam piece on Rarible.

Practice makes Perfect.
Mistakes help.

Rarible also led me to the NFT collectibles world; specifically my favourite & the OG NFTs — CryptoPunks by LarvaLabs.

I started flipping Punks at prices of 1 ETH; they are currently at a floor price of 5 ETH ($5,000+). You can’t read the future, so I’m not sad about doing this at this time, especially with understanding an active secondary market is required to have a healthy project.

Around these times, I started gaining mass attraction on twitter with millions of impressions and thousands of likes on my posts regarding Crypto Art. Statistics help. No matter if you are in it for the culture, art or long term HODL. Numbers attract the mainstream and that’s also how I began to attract my community of Crypto; NFT followers.

Due to the recent success and knowledge I gained from being in the space for the past weeks, I reapplied to SuperRare and was accepted by the end of the month. I set public goals before I minted my first piece ever in the month and I managed to reach all of them.

So as you can see, I slowly transitioned from being an artist to a collector, all while spreading news with articles on Twitter & helping other artists enter the scene.

So I’ve stopped art for about 2 months now officially BUT I have been working on a project behind-the-scenes, an NFT collectibles project that I can’t wait to share with you guys!

I began to change after I realised the future plan that I wanted to follow; this was building projects and sharing Crypto Art further. 6 figure sales started to occur in the scene and this is when I found out about NiftyGateway — the current biggest platform in Crypto Art from a business perspective.

Check out these tweets for a little rundown on my projects & a small view at my collection.

Before I finish this article, I’d like to say — this is just the start. Something light compared to the collectors I interview & the reasons behind them collecting Crypto Art which is huge so make sure to check it out.

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All started from a $0 investment and this was an overview of how I started & how I ended up here. Everyone can learn, I just got lucky to get in early & help others get in as this is a paradigm shift for the art world; tracking digital collectibles. Some of the most well-known artists; musicians have entered the space without Crypto Art reaching mainstream news ONCE yet. At a $30M valued marketcap, it can easily x100!