A Virtual Castle just sold for $800,000+!

A virtual castle as an NFT just sold for $800,000+?! Read more about what happened in this post below.

If you have no idea NFTs are, check out this article! ~

“What is an NFT & How do I make money from selling my art as a NFT?”

Less then an hour ago on the 4th of January 2021, a virtual castle NFT sold for over $800,000 previously breaking the record of $777,777!

Gala Games and Polyient Games negotiated a sale for ‘The Citadel of the Sun’ which is a legendary tier 1/1 NFT that comes with its own Kingdom inside the World of Mirandus — sold for $800,000 USDC on OpenSea.

$800,000 for WHAT?

This sale was submitted to the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest single NFT transaction, will we see this broken anytime soon — perhaps a $1M sale?

This purchase sets Polyient Games as the main role for the financial layer within the World of Mirandus. The World of Mirandus is an upcoming MMORPG game where you can buy various NFTs through exclusive auctions for $ETH, $GALA and $PGU. The banks connect through Polyient DEX and their upcoming vault system allows holders to benefit from Polyient’s innovative liquidity and yield farming solutions while providing key decentralized services to players — read more here!

Polyient Games are investors in the company which could affect this transaction as being bad in etiquette, this will gather a lot of attention from people — so what does the community think about this?
Is it right or wrong & a good strategy to attract attention?

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