A pixel image just sold for $760K!!

A CryptoPunk just sold for $760k -- 605ETH. Close to the highest sold NFT ever, read below!

CryptoPunks are the first NFTs, the OG of NFTs in the scene and they are rated from their attributes — read more about what the hell a Crypto Punk is here!

They were created by Larva Labs and they are 24x24 pixel art images generated algorithmically with rare types such as Apes, Zombies & Aliens. They are all assigned certain attributes and only 10,000 will ever exist. Over the last year, the total value of punks that were sold adds up to 16,589 ETH ( over $12,114,000+ ).

This CryptoPunk is a one-trait alien, one of the rarest punks out of all 10,000 to ever exist.

It just sold for 605 ETH!

It was offered for sale today for 825ETH, close to $1M. Then the bids started to come in, one of the biggest was by 0x_b1 — 500 ETH. He is one of the biggest whales in DeFi with over $370M in his public wallet. He was quickly outbid by 100 ETH and then a 605 ETH bid came through and was accepted!

Another bid was placed on a separate Alien punk slowly after this was accepted with another 600 ETH! 0x_b1 tweeted that he would be happy to buy for the full price but was he being too care-free?

Aliens are the rarest punks out of the 10,000 CryptoPunks that exist. Will we ever see another alien under $1M?!